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Real Solutions to
Long-Term Homelessness

The Chronic Homelessness Initiative, powered by Tipping Point, is the largest private investment to address homelessness in San Francisco’s history. On any given night, 3,000 people experience chronic homelessness in San Francisco. Working with government and non-profit service providers, we will cut chronic homelessness in half from 2017-2022.

Our Approach

Collaborative efforts between local government, non-profit service providers, individuals with lived experience, and philanthropy combine to create lasting systems change.


Create more housing

Create 2,200 housing units

Optimize the public sector

Collaborate with the public sector to improve overall systems

Prevent homelessness

Reduce inflow into chronic homelessness through prevention-focused programs

The Data


We’ve helped 525 people in San Francisco exit homelessness since our launch in 2017. Take a look at the data on our progress page.

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Our Leadership

“Our goal is very clear: We aim to reduce chronic homelessness by half, within five years. It’s time for an all-hands-on-deck approach — the public and private sectors must work together in a new way.”

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