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Through a combination of permanent supportive housing, rapid-rehousing, and additional housing placements, we’ve helped 307 people in San Francisco exit homelessness since our launch in July 2017.

Our team is tracking the progress of our three core strategies: to create new housing, prevent homelessness, and optimize the public sector.

We Are Securing 1,400 Units of Housing.

To achieve our goal of halving chronic homelessness by 2022, San Francisco requires 2,200 new housing units. Of those 2,200 units, Tipping Point is partnering with the City to secure 1,400 additional units to meet this shared goal.

Units Now Online: 249

Targeted Units: 1,400

We are bringing housing units online through three strategies.

With our flexible housing strategy, we acquire existing housing units from the private market. We then use flexible funding sources and rent subsidies to move people directly from homelessness into these housing units.

We also open up existing permanent supportive housing (PSH) units through the Moving On Initiative, by helping those ready to move out of PSH transition into stable, “scattered site” housing with fewer support services.

Tipping Point is also investing in rapid rehousing for the City’s transitional aged youth (TAY) population. We have invested funds in the City’s Rising Up Campaign to house and provide services to 100 TAY.

We Are Working to Prevent Homelessness.

We invest in programs that intervene when individuals are transitioning from systems associated with homelessness (e.g. child welfare, criminal justice, and behavioral health systems) and help access public services that improve housing stability.

1046 Clients Engaged
1,845 goal

This reflects all people we have engaged to provide information, services, and referrals to other programs to put them on a path out of homelessness.

90 Entitlements Received
455 goal

We are connecting people experiencing homelessness with public benefits, most notably Supplemental Security Income (SSI) and housing supports for TAY.

58 Additional Housing Placements
425 goal

Through our SPARK Peer Advocates Program, we are identifying housing placements for TAY that are outside the PSH or rapid rehousing programs listed above.

We Are Focused on Unlocking Public Support.

We have invested $28.6 million in private funding and unlocked $47.2 million in public resources to reduce homelessness.

We invest in strategies that demonstrate replicable proofs of concept and expand access to underutilized state and federal funding sources. Further, we ensure that our strategies can be sustained with public dollars after our investment ends.  In other words, we leverage our one-time investments to secure additional public dollars to reduce homelessness in San Francisco. Often, a one-time investment unlocks resources that can be used over many years, and thus we assess the effectiveness of these investments by considering the total value of additional public funds leveraged over the course of the Chronic Homelessness Initiative.

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