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Moving On Initiative — Second Annual Report

This report is a preliminary assessment of the early implementation of the Moving On Initiative (MOI). MOI’s objectives are (1) to help long-term, stabilized tenants of permanent supportive housing (PSH) in San Francisco move into independent housing through the use of a Housing Choice Voucher and (2) to use the opening created when a person “moves on” from PSH to house chronically homeless individuals currently living on the streets or in shelters. When MOI works well, it creates greater efficiencies in the homelessness response system by ensuring that resources are allocated based on individual need.

Our findings demonstrate that MOI fulfills a widespread desire among PSH tenants to move to independent housing while supporting the goal of the City and County of San Francisco (CCSF) to increase the availability of PSH for people experiencing chronic homelessness. Expanding MOI could be crucial to reducing chronic homelessness, particularly over the next few years as CCSF’s current plans do not show a significant number of newly built PSH units opening until 2021–22.

Read the full report here.

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