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200 More San Franciscans to Exit Homelessness for Good

Dear Colleagues,

I want to begin by wishing you the best of health and safety, to the extent that the ongoing pandemic allows. We have seen how this latest public health crisis compounds existing inequities, wreaking disproportionate damage upon communities of color, here in San Francisco and across the country. Our commitment to racial equality requires expanding the solution space to incorporate more strategies that transition people from the streets, shelters, villages, or shelter-in-place hotels into permanent homes with services. We are excited that, this month, the City committed to sustain a new strategy—the Flexible Housing Subsidy Pool—for at least 200 people in perpetuity. 85% of people who exit homelessness to a home with services never become homeless again, and transitioning to long-term housing frees up shelter and hotel placements for more people to exit the streets.

We must secure housing for the many Black people who have been disproportionately impacted by homelessness for years, even decades. That means critically evaluating the data, examining who seeks and receives services from our homelessness response system, and correcting our programs as necessary to diminish the disparities that currently define our system: 6% of San Franciscans are Black, whereas Black people account for 37% of unhoused San Franciscans. This is all the more unacceptable when we consider that ~2/3 of unhoused Black San Franciscans are longtime residents who have called SF home for 10 years or more (pg 9: The View from Outside).

This is only the beginning. Read on for more about how this program works, and stay tuned for how you can help us scale this solution to help hundreds more people exit homelessness for good.

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