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Expanding on what works—November 2019

Dear friends,

People ask me all the time about the best ways to reduce homelessness. Our neighbors want to know what we’re trying, what works, and how to most effectively address the crisis on our streets.

At Tipping Point, we invest in the most effective solutions. 85% of people who move into Permanent Supportive Housing (PSH) — housing with supportive services like mental health care and case management — never experience homelessness again. We support the City’s efforts to expand the supply of PSH and transition more people from Navigation Centers and shelters into this kind of housing. Because it works.

San Francisco has helped more people exit homelessness than ever before, but homelessness continues to increase. Currently, the City adds to its PSH inventory through new construction and master leasing residential buildings. The City has plans to build and master lease nearly 1,200 new PSH units by 2022, some with funding support from Tipping Point. Simply put, these existing strategies are insufficient to meet the demand for more permanent supportive housing.

To complement these strategies and more rapidly increase San Francisco’s supply of PSH, we are partnering with the City and Brilliant Corners, a supportive housing non-profit, to build upon the success of the Moving On Initiative.

By helping hundreds more people secure homes on the private market and providing services where they live, we can rapidly expand availability of PSH throughout San Francisco and help more people experience the hope and pride of a new home. Read this month’s Spotlight to learn how we can scale this program to help more of our neighbors get—and stay—housed.

All my best,


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