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Expanding the Solution Space

Dear Colleagues,


As you may know, Mayor London Breed tapped Chris Block to revamp and streamline our process for housing people experiencing homelessness, with a specific focus on rehousing people exiting the Shelter-in-Place (SIP) hotels. We are confident that Chris will bring his solutions-oriented approach to this new challenge, and we look forward to continuing to work alongside him in our collective effort to end homelessness for more San Franciscans.


In so doing, we will certainly keep in mind his oft-repeated refrain “we need a solution set big enough to contain the challenge.” To that end, this month we share one example of how CHI is trying to enlarge the solution space: creating a shared housing model for people experiencing homelessness in San Francisco.

Shared housing is not new. In fact, most people in this city live with friends or family. Yet, for years, we have focused almost exclusively on finding or building housing that accommodates only one person, even when it is obvious that one person living alone can’t afford the rent. Shared housing options fulfill a stated need in the community and have already been successfully incorporated in other cities, including Oakland. Thanks to Chris’ vision, we are on the precipice of launching the model here.


Read on to learn more.

In community,

Andrea Evans


Director, Tipping Point Chronic Homelessness Initiative

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