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Legal Advocacy Increases Income—September 2018

As part of our efforts to prevent homelessness and better leverage public funds, we are teaming up with the San Francisco Human Services Agency (HSA) to secure Supplemental Security Income (SSI) for more San Franciscans. Together we are piloting a program that will connect people to SSI—federal income payments to aged and disabled people—via teams of dedicated lawyers to help some of San Francisco’s most vulnerable clients.

Building on San Francisco’s innovative SSI Advocacy Program, this three-year “SSI Advocacy Pilot” adds legal resources and is tailored to meet the unique needs of individuals experiencing homelessness. A similar model in Alameda County has secured $120 million in income for clients and saved the county $23 million in local public aid payments since 2012. Among high-needs individuals who were able to obtain SSI benefits in Alameda County, 80% experienced fewer psychiatric emergency events and 71% experienced fewer incarcerations.

The SSI Advocacy Pilot participants will transition from receiving local assistance to federal support—which will provide more income to clients, improve their health outcomes, and enable the public sector to reinvest the savings. Read on to learn more about this exciting collaboration.

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