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Measuring Matters: The Point-in-Time Count—February 2019

This January, members of the Tipping Point team joined more than 500 volunteers who fanned out across our streets, parks, and neighborhoods to conduct San Francisco’sPoint-in-Time (PIT) Count of people experiencing homelessness. The City’s Department of Homelessness and Supportive Housing (HSH) collects this data every two years, and uses it to track progress and secure essential federal funding to address homelessness and housing instability.
Tipping Point’s goal to cut chronic homelessness in half is rooted in data from the 2017 PIT Count, which showed approximately 2,100 people experiencing chronic homelessness. We will measure the progress and success of our Chronic Homelessness Initiative, in part, by the results of future PIT Counts.
While our grantees, staff, and public sector partners agree the PIT Count doesn’t tell the whole story—it’s limited to a single night and only takes place every two years—it’s the most consistent tool currently available. Tipping Point has invested in improved data collection and analysis to supplement the PIT Count and further inform our collective efforts to reduce homelessness. Please read on to learn more.

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