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Our Coronavirus Response — March 2020

The coronavirus has caused tremendous disruptions in our community and around the world. We are grateful to our colleagues in city government and at front-line service organizations working ‘round the clock to ensure that our unhoused neighbors—and indeed all our neighbors—stay safe and healthy. Our partners’ adaptivity and perseverance inspire me: delivering thousands of meals to home-bound seniors and families, tripling down on cleaning services in residential buildings, creating a 200-person shelter in a matter of days at Moscone West… the list grows longer every day.
We are seeing the long-standing crisis of homelessness compounded by the COVID-19 emergency. It is almost impossible for unsheltered San Franciscans or people living in shelters or SROs to “shelter in place” and practice good hygiene and physical distancing. In addition, years on the street have left our unhoused neighbors uniquely vulnerable to COVID-19 from a health standpoint. We all must rise to the urgent needs of this moment, while expanding the solution space until it is large enough to contain the larger challenge of ending homelessness in our City.
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