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Reporting Back on Rising Up — January 2020

We know that nearly half of all adults experiencing homelessness in San Francisco first experienced homelessness before the age of 25. By investing in a system that prevents and ends homelessness for young people today, we can reduce chronic homelessness in San Francisco for the long term. In October 2018, we invested $3M to help launch Rising Up, a campaign that aims to do just that, with a goal of reducing youth homelessness by 50% by 2023.

I recently spoke to members of the Steering Committee charged with coordinating Rising Up, which includes representatives from the City, funders, and participating service providers. They meet regularly to unpack campaign challenges and revise as needed with the goal of improving the experience for young people as they transition from homelessness to housing stability. Their tight collaboration and a relentless focus on seeking and responding to client feedback gives me great hope that Rising Up will continue to accelerate and move even more young people durably out of homelessness.

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